2015 Thanksgiving Smoked Turkeys by
Doc and Roc Henderson Barbeque

Thanks to those who placed order during the Thanksgivng and Christmas holidays last year. It is now time to prepare for the 2015 Thanksgiving holidays by placing your smoked turkey and barbequ orders. Have you thought about what you are having for Thanksgiving dinner? Let Doc and Roc prepare all of your delicious meats...seasoned to perfection and smoked slowly from every direction. A healthier way of eating and time efficient from work time to family time. Thanksgiving Day all you will have to do is heat and eat!

Email orders to orders@docandrocbarbeque.com or call 404-492-7605 and place your orders today before Friday, November 20, 2015 for delivery on Wednesday November 25, 2015. All major credit cards accepted.

Smoked Turkey (10-12 lb) $30.00
Slab of Rib $25.00
Boston Butt $35.00
Smoked Wings (20 Piece) $14.00
Smoked Wings (40 Piece) $26.00
Smoked Sausages (6 count) $10.00
KAYEM Pale Ale Brats (10 count) $12.00

All special requests, please call us at 404.492.7605 or email us at ehenderson@docandrocbarbeque.com

Please forward to friends and family.

"The Best Barbeque This Side Of Heaven!"

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