Growing up in the Metro Atlanta area, Eddie "Rock" Henderson, Jr. would spend a lot of time with his father Eddie "Doc" Henderson, Sr. talking sports, education, and politics.  Common in all of these conversations was they were done over the preparation of barbeque.  Eddie Rock would gain lots of knowledge from Doc on many subjects.  One that Eddie Rock would focus on would be barbeque. 


Years would pass and Eddie "Doc" Henderson, Sr. would leave this earth on November 7, 2001. After seven years of mourning the loss of his father Eddie "Rock" Henderson, Jr. inspired by time spent with his father and the knowledge he shared with him on the preparation of barbeque, Eddie Rock would start Doc and Roc Henderson Barbeque in December of 2008.  In honor of Doc Henderson, the Doc in the logo is purple for the color of his alma mater Morris Brown where he played football and received a college degree in Physical Education.  The Roc in the logo is red and black for Eddie Rock's alma mater University of Georgia where he received a B.S. degree in Computer Science.  With the help of his cousin Darryl Lockhart, Eddie Rock would get Doc and Roc Henderson Barbeque into local festivals as food vendors.  This would build the clientel for Doc and Roc Henderson Barbeque.  They would go on to cater family reunions, office parties, sports tailgate parties.


After years of being in business Doc and Roc Henderson Barbeque prides itself in the providing mouthwatering barbeque.  “The Best Barbeque This Side of Heaven!”  So when you just have to have the best barbeque just give Doc and Roc Henderson Barbeque a call.